Ouranoupolis is a seaside village and the last secular destination before the Mt. Athos. It is located at a distance of 120 km. from Thessaloniki. Transportation to Thessaloniki is frequent, while ferry boats run daily routes to Mount Athos for the pilgrims. Also sea cruises take place to the western side of Mount Athos, in which women can participate.

Ouranoupolis was named after the Alexandrian city founded in 315 BC by Alexarhos, son of Antipater and brother of Cassandros. In the village the visitor can visit the Byzantine tower which is located in the SW edge of the village, and was built by the monastery Vatopaidi in the 14th century for protection from the pirates. In one wing of the tower there is a display of antiquities and Byzantine icons.

Ouranoupolis is now one of the major resorts in Northern Halkidiki and combines excellent mountain landscape whith the sea. It offers accommodations such as apartment rooms, studios, furnished apartments and hotels that can offer the visitor a comfortable stay. It also has many restaurants and taverns with good food and fresh fish. Daily departures by boat out to the small islands of Drenia take place, located just 2 miles from Ouranoupolis where one can swim in crystal clear, shallow waters and have a seafood meal. If you prefer, you can rent a small motorboat (there is no need for a diploma) and tour the islands.

The main attraction is the Ouranoupolis Byzantine tower which dominates for centuries the port of the village. This building, is the largest tower in halkidiki and was established in the 14th century and restored in the 19th century.

Accommodation in Ouranoupolis