Kassandria - Siviri

Kassandria is a town of 3,500 inhabitants and the seat of the Municipality of Kassandra with its port, the village of Cassandra, which in the summer with the settlements becomes a city of 25,000 inhabitants and is the reference center for the peninsula of Kassandra. As the capital of the peninsula, it is an intellectual, commercial and administrative center of the region and plays a leading role in the region. It has many beautiful beaches and combines intensely green and blue. Characteristic of the area are the fantastic restaurants and the quiet and green environment.

The lush forests predispose with the touring routes available for a nice walk, and lead you to beautiful beaches, like those of St - Nicholas of Cassandra, Stefanid (Wreath), or Kypsa. There are plenty of shops that cover all the shopping needs of the public and feature the city as a shopping center.

Accommodation in Kassandria - Siviri