Athitos (or Afitos), the third largest village on the isthmus of Potidea, lies in the same area since 3,000 BC. It is 5 km from Nea Fokea. known not only for its long history, but also the paved streets, stone mansions and picturesque squares. From the Rock, the so called balcony of the village, one can gaze at Toroneo Gulf, Sithonia and Kassandra all the way to the end. In ancient times it was an important city of Pallini and is mentioned by ancient writers (Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Aristotle, Pausanias, Stravon, etc.).

An important attraction of particular interest to visitors is the traditional village that showcases the natural beauty and ancient history that goes back 28 centuries of life. In the central square is the church of St. Demetrios, a three-aisle basilica with a dome. It is worth noting the unique architecture of the temple, and old icons. Noteworthy are the characteristic old stone houses with their inscriptions and the stone reliefs. (1860 Katsanis, 1864 Papavasiliou, 1876 Galanis, 1889 Aletra, 1898 Athanasiadis, etc.) At the home of Aletras in the central square, there is a folklore museum.

With significant tourism infrastructure and a wide variety of hotels, apartments and rented rooms you are given you the opportunity for a pleasant stay. The village has a long coastline where one can bathe. Along the coast there are beach-bars, where you can sit if you prefer.

The Folklore Museum of Afitos was created in 1980. Its exhibits include agricultural tools and household utensils. It is housed in the Aletra family traditional house in the center of the village. Tel. 23740 91239.

Accommodation in Afitos