A large settlement and tourist resort on the edge of Sithonia that is visited by tourists during the summer. Although it has about 1000 residents, during the summer period the number increases to 20,000. It is the second largest village in the municipality of Toroni surrounded by the mountain Ntragounteli, and has endless sandy beaches. There is a 3Km. beach with fantastic clear water. The place is ideal for surfing, water skiing, walks in the mountains, fishing and boat tours to nearby beaches.

The current name of the village comes under the historical evidence from the King Sartios living in this area and had built here, the city Sartoupolis, which sank. The name "Sarti" also is found in Herodotus, who mentions the ancient city as starting point for the campaign of Xerxes. It was a member of the Athenian Alliance.

In the streets of the village you will find shops, beach bars, restaurants, cafes, and the nightlife is rich. Some of the most famous and beautiful beaches are located near Sarti, such as Armenistis, Ahlada, Kavourotripes and Platanitsi.

From the port of Sarti boat excursions begin for cruising around mt. Athos.

Accommodation in Sarti