Stratoni, a seaside village built in the Gulf of Ierissos, numbers over 1000 residents and is 100 km from Thessaloniki. The excavations showed that Stratoni was built on the site of the ancient city Stratoniki, and residents were involved in mining. In excavations conducted in recent years three statues of the first century BC were found, including the 'Lady' that is displayed at the Polygyros Museum.

In 1932 after a devastating earthquake centered in the Gulf of Ierissos the village suffered damage and many victims were mourned. In the next few years it waw almost entirely rebuilt. Today it has apartments and hotels.

The Blue Flag awarded Beach of Stratoni with a length of 800 meters, plays an important role to the beauty of the landscape. The beach is well organized and has WC, showers, rubbish bins, pharmacy, and a reception. It is easily accessible from anywhere, and also has a Beach Bar.