Nea Fokea

A large coastal village with 1,500 inhabitants, reaching as many as 10,000 during the summer months. The village, the second in line after the isthmus of Potidea, a refugee settlement, which was built in place of old Mt. Athos property. Those who founded the settlement originated in Fokaia Asia Minor, near the town of Smyrna, whence its current name.

The village has beautiful beaches and remarkable tourist infrastructure with modern hotels, rooms, restaurants, taverns, cafes, etc. For those who want a lively nightlife there are a variety of bars and nightclubs with live music to choose from.

You can visit the well-preserved Byzantine castle of the 15th century preserved in the village, and within walking distance, the church and the holy water of St. Paul, dug into the rock with a length of 10 meters (probably Macedonian tomb) located in the region. According to tradition, through here passed Apostle Paul, preaching Christianity and baptizing new Christians.