Nea Kallikrateia

New Kallikrátia was founded in 1922 by Greek refugees from Kallikratia Eastern Thrace. The advantageous position, of only 35 km from Thessaloniki and 20 km from airport "Macedonia", allows guests for short trips to Halkidiki as well as visits to archaeological sites in Thessaloniki. In recent years tourism has rapidly developed and the nearby beaches are a destination of daily trips for the Thessaloniki inhabitants. It has excellent tourist infrastructure and clean beaches for swimming. In the village you will find shops, bars, beach bars, restaurants, cinema, and all that you need for your vacation. There are also organized hotel facilities, rooms and camping. You can visit the Byzantine church of St. Tryphon, the patron saint of winegrowers, where each September there is a fair.

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Excavations uncovered a headstone with a gable, which depicts a young daughter with a dove on the left hand that dates back to 440 BC. The findings are displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, but you can also observe the replica, located in the town central square.

Also found in excavations are the ancient baths in the NW edge of the village.

Accommodation in Nea Kallikrateia