Olympiada is a small, picturesque village located in the Gulf of Strymonikos in the northeast of Halkidiki is situated along a beautiful beach, in the heart of a natural harbor. The distance from Ierissos is 35 km, and from Thessaloniki 90 km. Regarding the name of the village, the tradition says that it is due to Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great, who was banished in ancient Stageira. Another version refers to the island Kapros (current Kafkanas) as a place of exile of Olympias.

The village has a modern tourist infrastructure and a variety of hotels, rooms and apartments and is ideal for peaceful vacation. Moreover, visitors can explore the surrounding area, protected by the Natura 2000 program for its natural beauty. Important events take place, as the two-day festival of the mussel, along with the feast of St. Kyriaki on the 7th of July, as well as theater events outside the archaeological site, which take place every August. At a distance of 700 meters is the archaeological site of ancient Stageira.